Vineyard Establishment

Nebraska Vineyard

Establishing a Commercial Vineyard in Nebraska

In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in interest in grape production and winery development in Nebraska and the Midwest. This increased interest has led to a need for detailed information requisite to vineyard establishment. This paper by Paul E. Read, Professor of Horticulture/Viticulture and Stephen Gamet, research technologist, provides information for establishing a vineyard in Nebraska.

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Economic Considerations in Starting a Vineyard

Can you make money growing grapes? There are many variables to be confronted in establishing a profitable vineyard. 

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Winegrape Cultivars for Nebraska

There are many cultivars that grow well in Nebraska.

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Site Selection and Development

How do you know if a location is good for a vineyard. The site selection and vineyard development checklists should help!

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Grapevine Nurseries (revised January 2013)

This list of grapevine suppliers and is provided for your convenience only. It does not indicate the endorsement of a particular supplier or product.

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Trellis Systems for Your Vineyard

According to Winkler, "grapevines cannot be grown satisfactorily without some form of support." Why is this the case? There are multiple reasons for training vines onto a trellis, including maximizing light interception, reducing labor cost, avoiding delayed bearing, minimizing disease pressure and developing a strong, straight trunk. In addition, trellised vines are out of the way of cultivation and other vineyard operations. Methods and materials required for a suitable trellis system will be presented following discussion of the reasons for training grapes onto a satisfactory support system or trellis.

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