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Kevin Ker's Presentations from November 3, 2007

Nutrition Disorders

Photothesis and Vegetative Growth Handout #3

Photothesis and Vegetative Growth

Grape Phenology - Powerpoint

Phenology and Growth of Grapevines

Grapevine Nutrition Only - Handout #3

Hunting and Estimating MALB Populations

Summer Field Days 2007

Crop Estimation by Paul E. Read and Stephen Gamet

Harvest Parameters by Paul E. Read and Stephen Gamet

Educating the Educators 2006

History of the Early Swenson Hybrids

Promise of the Future

Grape Weed Management

The Grape Vineyard

St. Louis Talk

Eight Years of Cultivar Evaluations by Paul E. Read

2004 Fall Workshop on "Instrumentation in the Vineyard and Winery" Presentations

Climate, Weather and Instrumentation

Matching Cultivars and Nebraska Landscapes

Monthly Time Series for Clay Center

Polyphenols in Grapes 


Foliar Fertilization of Grapevines August 2015

Foliar Fertilization of Grapevines

By Peter Christensen, Extension Viticulturist, The University of California Kearney Agricultural Center
Applying nutrients to the foliage is widely practiced in fruit crop production. In many instances it may not be providing any benefit except to the manufacturer and dealer. So, when is it effective and economical? The literature is full of reports on foliar fertilization studies. This article brings some of the information to light in hopes that it will lessen the confusion, mysteries, and expense of this practice.

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