Beginning Viticulture by Dr. Paul Read (PDF)

Lessons From Other Regionsby Dr. Paul Read (PDF)

Producing Cold-Hardy Grapes In The Upper Midwest by Dr. Paul Read and Stephen Gamet

\The Northern Grapes Project: Integrating Viticulture, Enology, and Marketing of New Cold-hardy Wine Grape Cultivars in the Midwest and Northeast United States by Tim Martinson, Sr. Extension Associate, Dept. of Horticulture, Cornell University

Training systems and Labor: How to Achieve Economically Sustainable Vineyards with Quality Fruit by Tim Martinson Senior Extension Associate in Viticulture,  Justine Vanden,  Heuvel Assistant Professor and Trent Prezsler, Graduate research assistant

Jay Hardenburg Farms, Vinehaven Vineyards – Farm Description and Overview